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Phenternin Detailed Review

Phenternin is a new and popular diet pill made with a proprietary formula including 100% pure Hoodia.  While, Hoodia diet pills are among the newest forms of powerful appetite suppressant diet pills on the market today, Phenternin stands apart.  Clearly, there really are several primary reason to buy Phenternin instead of other forms of diet aides such as diet aide that are liquids or the infamous diet patches that the FTC warns consumers about.  This article will explore why Phenternin is such a success and how it differs from other diet pills.

What is Phenternin?

Phenternin is a potent Hoodia diet pill and appetite suppressant.  Hoodia is a natural cactus like plant reported in the news and on major investigative reports including CBS's 60 Minutes, to act as a powerful diet aide reducing hunger by suppressing the appetite without any reported side effects.

Phenternin is made with pure Hoodia and comes with a powerful 750mg of pure Hoodia gordonii in each diet pill with a hefty 90 count bottle.  Most importantly, Phenternin was one of only a select few diet products that came with all the right credentials, permits, certifications illustrating a real pure Hoodia product.  Unlike other diet aides, Phenternin comes not only with a CITES permit but also with a Phytosanitary permit and a USDA protected plant permit.

How does Phenternin differ from other diet products?

What’s the difference when it comes to Phenternin? There are several major differences and where Phenternin clearly provides a more potent product.  To begin:

First and foremost Phenternin's  proprietary formula includes a pure Hoodia ingredient.  And unlike other diet pills Phenternin is stimulant free so it won't have the stimulants side effects common to other diet pills.  Phenternin does not blend in cheap green tea like many other products and is not diluted down like some liquid diets aides.  Did you know that Hoodia extracts were found not to be economically viable when Hoodia was intensely researched by major pharmaceutical companies.  Clearly, that's why liquid extract products claims to contain pure Hoodia must be questioned!  Moreover due to Hoodia 's bitter taste, liquid Hoodia products claiming to be pure Hoodia liquid extract, that must be bitter, obviously are not something that any dieter could find pleasant.  And when it comes to diet patches which must be applied to the skin and can cause irritation or discomfort and are on the FTC's top 10 diet warnings when it comes to weight loss aides, clearly caution must be applied by the consumer.  That;s also why Phenternin offers a smarter choice.

Second, Phenternin, provides a powerful 750mg of pure Hoodia in every diet pill. Our research showed that as much as 2000+mg of Hoodia per day have been a preliminary amount that likely provides a hefty dose to allow for Hoodia's appetite suppression. And Phenternin offers a whopping 2,250mg per daily dose.  This compares to as little as 250mg of Hoodia per serving for Hoodia liquids and only 200-400mg for most other Hoodia diet aides.

Third, Phenternin comes with a super large 90 count diet pill bottle.  While most other diet pill products only come with a 60 count bottle and while Hoodia liquids come with as little as 20-30 servings per bottle, Phenternin trumps these diet aides with an extra large 90 count bottle.

How does Phenternin compare to other diet products?

In researching this article we came upon multiple success stories with Hoodia and found Phenternin to provide the potential for improved results due to its larger dose of 750mg of Hoodia and larger 90 count product.  One particular Phenternin testimonial indicated that Phenternin may be even more effective than other hoodia products, while no official study into this has been done.

Phenternin price compared to other diet products

Surprisingly Phenternin is not the most expensive diet pill on the market and many consumers have opted for Phenternin's promotions.   A one month supply can be picked up for around $60 and online shoppers can generally obtain further discounts to Phenternin when purchasing in bulk.  Phenternin is available online at

Phenternin side effects?

Hoodia is a natural plant with a long history as a food.  For generations the Sans bushmen of the South African deserts would use Hoodia to suppress their hunger when away on long hunting trips.  Phenternin simply takes the dehydrated plant and does not alter it.  

Major news coverage and preliminary studies have not shown any adverse effects from Hoodia. Because unlike typical diet pills with stimulants, Phenternin comes free of any stimulants and caffeine eliminating the usual jittery, racing heart feeling produced by other stimulant based diet pills. While Phenternin's effect can be mild but powerful, if you have some condition that has been known to influence the effectiveness of medications on your body, the best bet is to consult a physician.

Should I buy Phenternin?

Overall if you are looking for something new to try and are really serious about weight loss Phenternin might be exactly what you've been searching for. Do your own due diligence and research and you too should be able to get a great diet supplement.


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